Learning the best position to give a mind-blowing G Spot orgasm is sure to earn you valuable bedroom points with your partner. ">

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The Top Positions for a Female G Spot Orgasm


Did you know that there is more than one way to bring a woman to orgasm?


Learning the best position to give a mind-blowing G Spot orgasm is sure to earn you valuable bedroom points with your partner.


A G Spot orgasm is much more powerful than an orgasm resulting from clitoral stimulation alone. Even better, if you can manage to do both, you’ll have her begging for more.


Doggie style sits at the top of the list when it comes to the ultimate female orgasm.


Penetrating a woman from behind gives you the best advantage, giving you more room to move and granting you more control over your partner’s intensity.


Doggie style also allows for deeper thrusting than other positions, which always helps to contribute to a woman’s level of pleasure.


When you are ready for a change, hand the reigns over to your partner.


By having intercourse with the woman on top, she will gain the majority of control. This position also allows her to rotate her hips and fine-tune her movements to achieve the highest level of bliss.


In fact, her gyrating hips will make her very aroused and, with constant pressure on her G Spot, may likely be enough to bring her to the ultimate orgasm.


Another position well-suited to a G Spot orgasm is similar to the missionary position, except the woman has her legs in the air. With you on top – and again in control – you will have command over the speed and depth of penetration.


Most importantly, this position will give you an opportunity to stimulate her G Spot directly with your fingers.


If you want to give your partner an experience she’ll never forget, try massaging her G Spot with one hand and her clitoris with your other hand.


Consider these guidelines only, and listen to your partner when trying to determine the best sexual positions and movements for your relationship.


If you communicate well in bed, she will have no trouble telling you what she likes and dislikes. In no time, you’ll work your way up to expert G Spot status.


Take your time and focus on your partner, while also paying attention to your own pleasure. Remember, the best intimate encounters come from mutual pleasure and selfless acts of love.