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Tips and Advice About How To Make A Woman Orgasm

The best way to give a women an orgasm is to use a powerful sex toy. I use it professionally at the end of some erotic massages.


This vibrator was first used by Betty Dobson in her masturbation coaching to give women their first orgasms.


Women Orgasm in 10 to 30 Seconds


Now this vibrator might look huge. However, one just holds it near or on the clitoris area and one does not insert the head in the vulva.



My lover also loves it after she has had lots of orgasms from intercourse for an extra desert course.


Note that it can be too intense for some. To overcome this, I found that using a wash cloth between the head of the vibrator and  the genitals worked well.


Its A Back Massager Too


I love this vibrator and use it on my lower back when I have back issues too. So you get a great sex toy and the best back massage as a bonus.


I have had this vibrator for many years and it is build to last a lifetime.



By Anon from WA.

I got this vibrator for my wife and when she saw its size and cord she was not thrilled but after the first time we used it it took her over the top in about 30 seconds now she loves it.



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Apart from the ability to give women orgasms in 10 to 20 seconds, I find a lot of pleasure in using it on myself too.


This vibrator can be used by holding it on the perineum area and against the end of a butt plug for great anal stimulation.


The increased pleasure you get from anal stimulation  is due to erotic nerve endings that are found in your anus.


There are as many nerve endings in the anal area as in the head of the penis.


The Best Prostate Sex Toy


The best toy for prostate stimulation I have ever used is the aneros. I have had intense, ongoing prostate orgasms from this toy.


And you do not have to be gay to have a lot of fun with this sex toy. I use it many times when lovemaking with my woman with man on top or side positions.


The best part about this toy is that your anal muscles do all the work for you and you do not have to use your fingers to move the toy.


Once it is inserted, you can continue lovemaking using man on top or side positions.



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Aneros and  how to use this unique toy.








One thing that is important is that before you insert anything up your rectum is to be relaxed and use lots and lots of lubrication.


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For all those men that have never experienced prostate orgasms, this sex toy is a easy way to start your pleasure research.