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Tips and advice about Sexuality Positions

Most couples soon find some sex and sexuality positions they really like and get in a routine of only doing these positions.


They make love the same way each time. They use the same old position and lovemaking is pretty short and can get pretty boring.


Trying new sex positions can be one way of making lovemaking fresh and fun.


Some sex positions allow the penis to contact the G Spot more than others. Generally these are rear entry positions. This can cause the women to have deeper orgasms like g spot orgasms or cervical orgasms.


Other sexuality positions like the missionary, allow for eye contact. Making eye contact can allow more intimacy and closeness.


One can in a way dance from one position to another. Some sex positions flow from one to another.


Try to practise this with clothes on to get the hang of it. Be light and fun doing this as sex should not be serious!


Other sex positions allow easy breast massage and also allow vulva massage too.


For detailed  tips on vulva and penis massage go here.




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