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Tips and advice about Orgasms

Orgasms, what a nice topic!


We were all born as a result of an orgasm.


There are many types of orgasms. For females there are clitoris orgasms, g spot orgasms, cervical orgasms, ejaculation orgasms, blended orgasms, breast orgasms and energy orgasms.


To simplify the above, the  three main types
of orgasms that a woman can achieve are the clitoral, vaginal, and G-spot orgasms.

Most women agree that they do not feel a difference between a vaginal or clitoral orgasm. However, some women I have talked too do notice a marked difference.


Some experts believe that a vaginal orgasm is really just a result of the clitoris being stimulated be the male's pubic bone when he is rubbing against his partner during intercourse.

The G-spot orgasm is different to the other two in that this type of orgasm is achieved by applying pressure to the G-spot. Most women like G Spot orgasms more than other types. See
can you reach the g spot with your tongue


This g spot stimulation can by sex toys, fingers or the penis. See orgasm using a vibrator.

If you are wondering which of the three main types of orgasms in most preferred by women, you would be surprised to know that most women feel that it does not really matter. All that really want is that they are able to achieve an orgasm regularly, whether it is clitoral, vaginal or the

However, research has shown that a majority of women need clitoral
stimulation in order to climax.


However, I have had the luck to be with sensitive sensual women that can orgasm with no stimulation at all.

So if you are a man, first master giving your lover clitoral orgasms. Once you
have achieved this goal, you can then move on to mastering the art of the G-spot orgasm.


Men, see  how to get a woman to orgasm in 10 seconds. Warning, this method is very  intense for some ladies. I cover how to overcome this too.

For men there are ejaculation orgasms, non ejaculation orgasms, anal orgasms, prostate orgasms, full body orgasms and energy orgasms. Men too can have blended orgasms of differing types.


Now most of us have not really explored the differing types of orgasms listed above. To become a sexual master, one needs to experience orgasms in all their power and glory.


Masturbation is one way of trying new methods to extend your orgasmic experience.


One key is to lean to really relax and let go while being sexually turned on. Women can relate to this idea more than men in my experience. The deeper orgasmic orgasms for women, like g spot orgasm depends on a total letting go and surrendering.


If a women has some control issues and does not feel safe, then it can be more difficult for her to experience  G spot or ejaculation orgasms for example.


Men can learn to do this when they get turned on too. This can lead to orgasms for men with out ejaculating. In fact, men can learn to have orgasms that last minutes and you do not loose energy.