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Tips and advice about Male Sexuality

The funny thing is that men love sex but really hate to really talk about sexuality. When did you hear 2 men talking about masturbation methods? Due to this there is a lot of ignorance about the full potential of male sexuality.


One thing that most men do not realise is that men can have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. Once a man learns to do this, he can really match a very orgasmic women.


For those that want sex tips to turn on ladies go to how to make a woman orgasm


One topic in male sexuality is most men tend to think penis size is very important. However, women tell me they want a self confident, sexual man and that penis size is not a big issue for most.


Most women love you to talk dirty in bed. This can be pretty amazing in my experience to really ramp up the erotic energy.


Most men come too soon as all sex surveys have shown. The average is about 7 minutes. Most women need 20 or 30minutes or longer to really enjoy intercourse and to have multiple orgasms.


Men can learn to have total control when they ejaculate with a little practice each day for a few weeks.


One tip for men is to learn how to give cunnilingus for cunnilingus orgasms. 


Another big issue for most men is anal play. Most men think that if you touch the anus or prostate then you are gay. This is a totally false belief system that leads to most men missing out in intense prostate orgasms.


Prostate stimulate can be done externally by massaging the perineum, or for more pleasure by internally through anal  penetration. I personally like a light touch on my perineum area as well as internal anal touch.


One can have massive orgasms from prostate stimulation. For easy tips to explore this area go to self prostate massage orgasm.


Also see prostate massage orgasms.


Another area in male sexuality that is not discussed is masturbation. Most men masturbate in  their teens every day. However, they can get into a energetic habit of coming too soon when they make love. They must masturbate in a woman with little connection or heart.

From these examples we can see that male sexuality is not so simple as it seems.





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