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All About Female Sexuality

Most females really love sex and sexuality. I believe, based on my own experience, that sex is really much more for women than men and they are actually much more sexual than men.


Now you will not get a women to admit this as society treats females that love sex and have more than one partner as sluts. Funny that most men that are like this are called studs. Most women hide how much they love sex and feeling orgasms and being orgasmic.


Most women in their full sexuality can have hours of orgasmic pleasure but most men do not last the distance and are too goal and ejaculation focussed.


Most females love more a whole body and emotional approach to sex compared to men. Sex starts 24 hours before the event! Most women want to love their sexual partner and feel deep feelings in the sexual act.


Most females I talk too about the topic of female sexuality complain about their male lovers. Most come too soon and are not that expert.


Most woman love a man that can talk dirty and take them into wild sex as well as deep connected, tantric sex.


 It seems talking to women that most men are not present and in their bodies when making love.