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Tips and advice about how to use the aneros prostate sex toy



The best toy for prostate stimulation I have ever used is the aneros. I have had great prostate orgasms lasting minutes from this toy.


Her, guys,  I am not  gay!.


To use the aneros, first massage the anus and anus muscle ring with a small butt plug or use your fingers.


Use plenty of lubrication. One can use a small enema bulb to put lubrication deeper into the anus.


When one is relaxed, slowly slide the aneros prostate sex toy into your anus.


Now relax and enjoy the hands free anal stimulation.


Try using this amazing sex toy when making love with a woman or man.


You get double stimulation and the orgasms can be VERY intense.


For more information on the aneros and how to use see this toy, see  below.



aneros how to use


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One thing that is important is that before you insert anything up your rectum is to be relaxed and use lots and lots of lubrication.


Enjoy the intense sensations from the aneros. Purchase here for the best types of this male sex toys, the Aneros


Have fun!